Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Perfume Collection

We are born with five senses, one of them being SMELL!

Today's post is all about lovely scents, notes and everything in between that makes a perfume.
This is just a small collection that i have gathered within the last year, some are older than others and some i don't like as much ha!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Afternoon Snacks


Today is such a blah day, it has been unbearably cold and windy. That grants for some very needed inside time and cuddling :) Also lots of COOKING! I decided to make a quick and yummy turkey sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, lime, a little dash of salt and pepper, let me just say that it was delicious!! Super easy to make.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's in my makeup bag

Here i am writing my first blogpost!!
It is so incredibly exciting and nerve wrecking haha. I will like to show you what i have in my makeup bag, being a mom doesnt always leave much time to ever do my makeup but i am also nowhere near a makeup pro or anything of that sort so i only have a few essentials.

I don't really use foundation or powder (but i am in search of a good affordable one!) I only really use; concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow set, mascara, blush and that's all! Haha, i also dont really own any name brand makeup so all of mine is mostly from the drugstore. It does the job and it's affordable, best of both worlds :) 

I am thinking about doing a review of everything i use very soon! For now i'll leave you with the run down of what everything is.

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